Netflix: The King of Online Streaming

Netflix is a US-based streaming service, which provides on-demand Internet streamed media available to viewers from all around the western world, from North and South America to Europe (and now Australia and New Zealand). It also provides a flat-rate subscription based DVD-by-mail rental service in the United States alone, whereby DVDs are sent to the clients and returned by them via mail. The two services offered have separate subscriptions, and separate libraries, but are both under the same brand and name.

Doctor-Who-NetflixNetflix is accountable for over 30% of all the bandwidth usage in the US at peak times, and more than 20% of Europe’s download traffic as well. Interest in Netflix for Australians and New Zealanders is peaking too. This makes it the biggest online service in the world: bigger than YouTube, any torrenting site, any other streaming service – bigger than anything. But why is it such a huge success? What does Netflix offer its clients that sparks such a huge interest?

Well, first of all, the pricing is very reasonable. The monthly subscription to its digital streaming service is $7.99 in the US, or £5.99 in UK. For that, you get everything – the entire Netflix video library, streamed whenever you want, wherever you want, for as much as you want. There are no ads, and no form of premium section. You pay the monthly subscription and you can watch everything they have on offer.

And that’s saying something. The library is huge, with thousands of TV shows and movies available. Netflix has deals with several major studios, including MGM, Lionsgate and Paramount, deals which allow the service to stream hundreds of movies – recent movies. However, all of the movies that are streamed must first come out on DVD before they reach the online library, which means clients have a rather long wait ahead of them before their favorite movies make the jump from the cinema screen to their home. Great news for Aussies too you too can now get Netflix Australia as well right here.

breaking-badWhile it can be frustrating to have to wait a few years before a movie is available on the streaming service, you can spend that time watching TV shows. Unlike the long wait for movies, some TV shows make it to the online streaming service’s library in less than 24 hours from broadcast. Not only that, but Netflix is responsible for creating several original series, such as the very successful House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey. These original shows are usually distributed on Netflix one season at a time – that means no waiting until next week for a new episode.

The diversity in shows is also quite good, with anything from thrillers to cartoons being available. Kids’ shows are aplenty, even old-timey shows like Johnny Bravo – for either you to rewatch, or to show your children. Documentaries are also present, as are quite a few stand-up comedy shows. There are also a surprising number of Indie movies to watch. But for everything that is present in the streaming library, there are still a number of shows not available, including everything from HBO (as can be expected).

At the end of the day, though, Netflix offers subscribers incredible value for money, with more hours of video available then you could watch in years, all for a low price.

Just What Kind Of Netflix Shows Are There?

house-of-cardsNetflix is the undisputed king of online streaming, taking up as much as a third of the entire bandwidth of the United States during peak hours. And while they also offer DVD rentals via post, those are mostly movies. So if you want to watch your favorite TV shows, you’re going to want subscribe and take advantage of the thousands of Netflix shows available.

The diversity is quite impressive, with anything from documentaries to dramas to Disney shows for the kids being offered. And the best part is that you can watch them anywhere you want: on your phone, on your console, on your TV – even most BluRay players have Netflix compatibility. Most episodes become available just a day after being broadcast on TV, so there’s little waiting involved, too.


But the best parts by far are all the original Netflix shows made. Critically acclaimed programmes such as House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black can be viewed exclusively on their online streaming service, where they are made available one entire season at a time for you to watch at your own pace – whatever that may be. Spending an entire weekend watching the latest season of your favorite show from beginning to end can be plenty of fun.

Netflix Pricing: A Lot Of Bang For Your Buck

The Netflix pricing is among the most reasonable around, especially in the streaming/movie-on-demand industry. Both their DVD rental service and their online streaming service have great value for money – if you’re interested in what they have to offer, that is.

NetflixDVDsThe DVD rental system works via post: you sign up, subscribe, and then order the desired movies. Netflix sends them via post to you, and when you’re done you send them back in the same envelope. It’s easy and convenient. There is, however, a catch. Not all movies are available at every Netflix distribution office, and thus some orders can take several days to arrive.

The online streaming service is even simpler: you select your preferred Netflix pricing package, subscribe to it, and then browse using their platform and view the desired movie or TV show. You can watch as much as you want of anything they have in their catalogue, from anywhere you like (including mobile phones and gaming consoles).

Netflix offers several different price ranges for DVD rentals, depending on how many DVDs you would like to rent at a time. These include:

• 1 DVD – $7.99
• 2 DVDs – $11.99
• 3 DVDs – $15.99
• 4 DVDs – $21.99
• 5 DVDs- $27.99 per month.

Similar pricing exists for BluRay rentals, starting at $9.99 per month for 1 BluRay Disc at a time and going up from there.
The Netflix plans for online streaming are also very affordable, with 3 options available:

• For 1 SD screen at a time, the monthly subscription is $7.99
• For up to 2 HD screens at the same time, it goes up by $1 to $8.99
• And for up to 4 HD screens simultaneously, the price is $11.99 a month.

All Netflix pricing options – for both rentals and streaming – allow you to either rent or watch as many shows/movies per month as you wish, without limit.

Netflix – A Giant of the Internet

Netflix – a US online streaming service – is responsible for over 31% of the entire bandwidth usage in America at peak times. Why? Because it offers subscribers across the globe access to tens of thousands of TV shows and movies, whenever they want, anywhere they want to watch them – be it on a TV, a gaming console, or a mobile device. Not only that, but this high-quality, HD streaming service offers a stunning diversity of programmes to watch – and all for a very reasonable price (around $8 in the US and £6 in the UK – but sadly not yet available in Australia or New Zealand).

Netflix iPhone App Video from Netflix on Vimeo.

Watch It On Netflix – Movies Galore!

The old days of walking into your local DVD rental store and picking a movie off the shelf are over, as today you can sit comfortably in your armchair at home, browse a huge library of titles on your PC, TV, or mobile device, and then either watch them online on a streaming service, or have them shipped to your home; one of the biggest libraries of this kind available is the one provided by Netflix, movies being offered both as rentals (in DVD and BluRay format) and as online streams.

netflixNetflix offers 2 distinct services: the per-post rental system and the online streaming service. Let’s start with the rentals: you can subscribe to them for one of the several pricing plans available, each of them allowing you to rent from 1 to 8 DVDs or BluRay discs at a time. While the number of titles you can order at a time is based on your plan, the total number that you can watch per month is not, with all plans allowing you access to an unlimited number of monthly Netflix movies.

Films being offered are the ones you would find in any DVD rental store, with a vast majority of titles being added to the Netflix library as soon as they come out on DVD and BluRay discs. However, not all movies are always available, with new titles sometimes taking days to ship to your address, both due to high demand and to long shipping times (they often come all the way from the other part of the US, if not available at your local Netflix distribution office). Once they do arrive, though, and you watch them, it’s a simple matter of putting them back in the envelope you received them in and sending them back, making returning Netflix movies as easy as ordering them.

If you want to watch Netflix movies on your gaming console, your PC, or even your mobile device, you might want to consider the online streaming service instead (or even in addition to the rental one). The benefit of online streaming is the lack of any waiting time, with all titles being available at all times, no matter where you are. There is, however, a downside as well: The online library is a bit smaller than the rental one, but still it offers so many movies and shows that it would take you years of non-stop streaming to be able to see them all.

Netflix Latest and Greatest


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